Assist students explore their interests and maximize opportunities
Research and connect students to enrichment programs to further their talents
Facilitate students with developing and coordinating initiatives
Provide college admissions consulting services and assist admissions preparation
Develop and refine curriculum and academic program
Effectively prepare and teach selected courses offered by the company
Graduate or graduating senior of top tier academic institution
Enjoys teaching and working with young students, serving as mentor role
Highly motivated, positive, and a team player
Knowledge of or experience with assisting in the college admissions process
Prior teaching or mentoring experience is a big plus, but is not required
The positions are open to all majors but must have strong reading and writing backgrounds

Applications are reviewed as they are received and an interview will be arranged immediately for qualified candidates.

Each year, we receive a lot of applications.

It is strongly advised that prospective candidates submit their information early as possible.

Resume & Cover Letter
Current GPA (selected candidate must present transcript)
AP, SAT I & SAT II Scores (break them up by each section) and/or graduate school admissions test score
Information on previous teaching, or/and mentoring experiences
Courses you can teach most effectively, including high school subject courses

Send your information to: We will get back to you shortly after reviewing your application.

Thank you.

Accel Education Human Resource Team